Aerol® Corrogard 6 in 1 Multi functional spray, Grade 4141 (300 g)



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Product Description

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Aerol Corrogard 6 in 1 Multifunctional: Oil Spray is particularly designed to supply six excellent capabilities such as- Prevent corrosion, Lubricate, Penetrate into rusted and sticky/jammed elements, Displace moisture, Clean and Reduce noise and chattering. Rust/ Corrosion prevention properties of Aerol Corrogard 6 in 1 meet IS 1154 specs. APPLICATIONS: Maintenance and safety of all types of machines, instruments, dies, mould, jigs, fixtures, bearing parts and so forth. very helpful for servicing cars. Office gear, Gymnasiums, Sporting gear, Marine gear, Aircraft and Airborne gear, Farming gear, Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Construction gear, Furniture, Locks, Builders {hardware}, Toys, Hinges of doorways & home windows, Electrical gear corresponding to motors, change gear, spark plugs and so forth.

Method of use: Spray immediately on surfaces to be handled and make sure that full protection is achieved. Use extension tube, if needed to succeed in troublesome areas.

CAUTION: Pressurized & inflammable. This is a pressurized Aerosol Pack. Do not puncture warmth or incinerate, Store beneath 50°C away from supply of warmth, daylight and ignition. Do not spray on flame or ignited supplies, use in effectively ventilated space, keep away from extreme inhalation, eye and pores and skin contact. Keep away from youngsters.

6 in 1 Multi-Functional Oil Spray





Cuts by means of dust, dried lubricant & rust and so forth. and unencumber jammed nuts, bolts & different threaded connections.


Provides gentle lubrication to transferring elements, parts and equipment.


Helps to take away dust, grime, caked grease, tar, oil & adhesives

Over 1000 Uses


remove noice



Provides safety in opposition to rust & corrosion in indoor and out of doors setting.


Removes squeaks and chattering from transferring elements


Remove moisture & water from surfaces and builds a barrier which cuts off contact with it

It has the distinctive potential of offering environment friendly lubrication to door hinges, socket joints, sliding surfaces and delicate mechanisms and so forth. It doesn’t alter the tolerances and gives a clear, non-messy lubricant.
It penetrates deep into rusted or sticky nuts, bolts, threaded connections or sticky bushings resulting from its low floor stress and facilitates the sticky mechanisms and rust frozen elements to turn into free.
It has the flexibility to dry water-wet electrical and digital gear by getting below the layer of water and rendering the gear dry. It has the flexibility to loosen cussed dust, grime, grease, adhesives and comparable contaminants and flushing them off from delicate mechanisms, electrical gear, machine parts, automotive gear and so forth. thereby performing as a cleaner.