Avery Diy 30X127 3D Carbon Fiber Decal Vinyl Film Wrap Roll Adhesive Car Sticker Sheet (60Cm X 24Cm)



Price: ₹399.00
(as of May 09, 2024 03:59:11 UTC – Details)

100% Brand New In Box (Never Been Used or Installed) Permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive self-adhesive Stretchable with warmth Easily cleansed with water Resistant to UV, water, filth, grease, salt, delicate acid and oil Long lasting Easy take away with out residue Use for: Interior or Exterior of Automobile components comparable to: Fenders, Door handles, tire rims, exhaust pipes. Dashboard, Steering wheel, inside door handles, Glove compartments, automotive management panel, ect. Printers DVD Player Labtops/Computers Guitars/Drums Appliances Other Instruments Phones Furniture Mugs/Cups Book Cover Watches Doors Wallets Album Cover Pocket Knife Glasses Clip board Sports Gear

2. Powerful stretchability and suppleness. In the small curvature floor of the automotive, it may be arbitrarily stick after heating. After the conventional temperature setting doesn’t shrink.
3. Durable: not simple to yellow, the service lifetime of as much as three years.
4. Isolated Corrosion: it may possibly resist a lot of the oil, grease, gasoline, weak base, and it may possibly fully remoted from acid rain, gravel, hen droppings and so forth .
5. Prevent scratches