Talbros Penray 3416ID Silicone Spray (409ml)



Price: ₹201.00
(as of May 30, 2024 18:58:09 UTC – Details)

Keeps device guides or noticed fences sliding easily, sheds moist snow from snow plow blade. Wash completely after dealing with. Do not get into eyes, on pores and skin or on clothes. Do not smoke whereas utilizing this product. Do not use close to extreme warmth, sparks or open flame. Store in clear, dry places away from extreme warmth. Directions for Use: 1. Shake can properly 2. Remove grease and free filth from floor to be handled. 3. Hold can 10-12 inches from floor to be sprayed 4. Use sparingly. If extra is utilized, wipe with clear fabric. 5. Avoid over spray on inside trim or different colored plastic elements

Clear, light-weight coating supreme for rubber and steel, Protects and renews rubber mountings, bushings and climate stripping
Lubricates and prevents freezing of doorways, locks, home windows, and drawers
Won’t soften, freeze, or gum-up
For automotive, heavy obligation, farm, industrial, snow plow blades, and marine use