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15 Mar

Liqui Moly 20002 Cera Tec Friction Modifier (300 ml)

Price: ₹ 3,760.00 - ₹ 2,799.00
(as of Jun 18,2021 21:39:59 UTC – Details)

Cera Tec is a high-tech ceramic put on safety product for all motor oils. It reduces friction and put on on account of ceramic compounds that face up to extraordinarily excessive chemical and thermal hundreds. Prevents direct metal-to-metal contact, thus growing the engine service life. The low-friction impact reduces gas consumption in gasoline and diesel engines. It supplies put on safety for engines, transmissions, pumps and compressors. Cera Tec needs to be added to the oil and is self-mixing. Sufficient for five litres of motor oil. Provides safety as much as 50,000 kilometers. Not appropriate to be used with moist clutches.

It reduces friction and put on by utilizing chemically and thermally extraordinarily high-resilient ceramic compounds
The smooth-running impact reduces gas consumption in gasoline and diesel engines
Prevents direct steel/steel contact, growing the service lifetime of the mixture
Attractive pricing

15 Mar

Shell Advance AX5 550031342 20W-40 API SL Mineral Motorbike Engine Oil (900 ml)

Price: ₹ 298.00
(as of Jun 18,2021 21:39:59 UTC – Details)

r 135, Bajaj Pulsar 150, Bajaj Pulsar 180, Bajaj Pulsar 200, TVS Apache RTR 160, TVS Apache RTR 180, TVS Apache RTR 200 4V, TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS, TVS Apache 150, TVS Flero, TVS Centra, TVS Flame DS 125, TVS Flame SR 125, TVS Jive, TVS MAX 125, TVS Max 100, TVS Max 4R, TVS Metro Plus, TVS Metro, TVS Sport, TVS Star, TVS Phoenix 125, TVS Star City Plus, TVS Star LX, TVS Victor GLX, TVS Victor125, TVS Victor GX, Yamaha Fazer FI, Yamaha FZ 16, Yamaha FZ-S, Yamaha FZ FI, Yamaha FZ, Yamaha FZS FI, Yamaha Crux, Yamaha Enticer, Yamaha Libero, Yamaha Ss 125, Yamaha SZ-R , Yamaha SZ-X, Yamaha YBR 110, Yamaha YBR 125, Yamaha YBX, Yamaha YD 125, Yamaha YZF R15, Yamaha Saluto, Yamaha Saluto RX, Suzuki GS125R, Suzuki Heat Alloy, Suzuki Sling Shot, Suzuki Sling Shot +, Suzuki Zeus 125EU, Suzuki Zeus 125XC D, Honda Livo
In a blind perceptive survey, 90 share of the bikers agree that Shell advance makes their bikes run smoother
Provides 33 share cleaner pistons, guaranteeing the piston rings transfer extra freely
Provides optimized clutch management with JASO MA specification
In powerful street trial of 11,000 KMs, pistons with Shell advance AX5 emerged cleaner than three different rivals
Meets API SL efficiency specification

14 Mar

LIQUI MOLY 1521 Motorbike 10W-40 4T Street Synthetic Technology Engine Oil (1 Litre)

Price: ₹ 701.00 - ₹ 606.00
(as of Jun 18,2021 21:39:59 UTC – Details)

High-performance motor oil based mostly on artificial know-how. Ensures most efficiency and safety of the engine below all working situations. Optimum lubrication, excellent engine cleanliness, wonderful friction and minimal put on are simply as a lot taken with no consideration as light clutch engagement and disengagement and kit shifting. Tested on engines with catalytic converters.

6000 km oil change interval
Made in Germany

14 Mar

STP 66079US Oil Treatment (443 ml) : Pack of 02

Price: ₹ 1,000.00 - ₹ 850.00
(as of Jun 18,2021 21:39:59 UTC – Details)

STP 65493US Oil Treatment: Used for petrol engines, a mineral primarily based additive, supplies further safety towards engine warmth and permits oil to keep up key lubricating properties for longer to maintain the engine going sturdy till the subsequent oil change. STP stands for Scientifically Treated Petroleum. Formed in 1954 within the United States the corporate has a powerful historical past with motor racing that has allowed it to show the top quality nature of its merchandise.

Lubricates and protects shifting engine components
Reduces oil consumption and burning
Helps defend towards engine put on
Help battle metal-to-metal friction by offering a thicker cushion

13 Mar

Sheeba Engine and Motor Flush (350 ml)

Price: ₹ 295.00 - ₹ 189.00
(as of Jun 18,2021 21:39:59 UTC – Details)

Add to grease earlier than altering, cleans & removes sludge & filth, aids in excessive mileage & extends engine life, gives a cleaner enviornment for brand spanking new oil & retains oil cleaner for longer. Fully suitable with every kind of motor oils.

Extends engine life & gives a cleaner envirnment for brand spanking new oil, which additional extends the engine oil life.
Cleans & lubricates the interior engine, additionally cleans the piston ring grooves, in order that the piston rings can work effeciently.
Restores misplaced engine energy & reduces gasoline consumption.

12 Mar

Wurth Engine Flush Cleaner for bikes (50ml)

Price: ₹ 150.00 - ₹ 128.00
(as of Jun 18,2021 21:39:59 UTC – Details)

Cleans and flushes the whole engine oil circuit
Use if: Black sludge is suspected, Hydraulic tappets chatter, The oil change is overdue, There is a lack of compression from sticking piston rings.
Removes Harmful Sludge And Deposits
Contains surfactants with a powerful detergent motion, Loosens abrasive deposits, Washes down the oil galleries and oil sump
Keeps the lubrication circuit as clear and environment friendly as doable
New oil stays efficient and clear longer

11 Mar

Xxtra Armor Engine Oil Flush (250ml)

Price: ₹ 395.00 - ₹ 234.00
(as of Jun 18,2021 21:39:59 UTC – Details)

Engine Flush is a specifically formulated mixture of components and provider fluid with extremely efficient detergent and dispersant components that dissolve sludge and deposits. All kinds of oil-soluble and oil insoluble residues are eliminated throughout oil change. An engine which has been cleaned of deposits and contamination and which is then full of contemporary oil not contaminated with outdated impurities can develop its full efficiency traits. The use of Engine Flush relies on the diploma of contamination of the oil circuit. How To Use: One 250 ml bottle is adequate for as much as 6 liters of oil. Add Engine Flush to the motor oil at operating temperature earlier than altering the oil. After including the product, enable the engine to idle for approx. 10 minutes. Then change the oil and the filter. Engine Flush is appropriate with all commercially obtainable motor oils.

Fast-acting and Efficient cleaner that helps clear automobile engine utterly.
Compatible with each Petrol and Diesel engines.
If used repeatedly earlier than engine oil change, engine oil flush can forestall engine harm. This will delay your automobile engine’s service life.
Helps in extending your car’s engine life.

11 Mar

Han Lubes f10 Engine Oil Flush for bike car petrol diesel two wheeler four wheeler best Engine flush

Price: ₹ 499.00 - ₹ 200.00
(as of Jun 18,2021 21:39:59 UTC – Details)

Product Description



The nicely deserved 10 minutes therapeutic massage that you simply pamper your automobile with, won’t solely take away the gathered toxin out of your engine however can even rejuvenate and make prepared your engine to obtain recent lubricant.

Han Lubes f10 Advance Engine Flush is designed to scrub the whole inside organs of your engine in a fashion which is mild and but efficient, the design of f10 itself is such that it doesn’t disturb the rubber seals, gaskets or some other packing materials, it gently lifts the gathered dust and makes it float in itself guaranteeing full elimination of the contaminants, with solely ten minutes at hand, f10 is designed to behave quick and totally, f10 is really easy to make use of particularly for the DIY fanatics, f10 is so secure that you could very use it at each oil change.


+ Fast performing and straightforward to make use of

+ Excellent and secure cleansing

+ Compatible with all four strokes, 2 stroke engines

+ Effective in eradicating dangerous deposits.

+ 10 Mins motion cleaner

10 min massage


Han Lubes f10 is a good product that would hold your engine working pretty much as good as new. For starters, it supplies you with a simple solution to clear your engine. Even when it’s your first time utilizing it, you’ll take pleasure in the whole course of as a result of it’s easy to make use of.

What’s extra, this engine flush gives you mild and speedy cleansing. It can be appropriate with diesel and gasoline engines, making it an appropriate cleansing agent for most varieties of automobiles.

Additionally, f10 removes the deposits and sludge with out damaging the seals inside your engine. One of its components consists of anti-wear brokers, cleansing brokers which might be additionally appropriate with catalytic converters

Thorough but Gentle Cleaning


The Formulation which issues

When sludge and particles accumulate in your engine, the exemplary efficiency of your automobile out of the blue decreases. The best solution to resolve such a problem is by buying Han Lubes f10 Advance engine flush.

Han Lubes f10 Advance Engine Flush has been formulated based mostly on the identical engine oil detergent expertise that’s been utilized by multinationals, guaranteeing that your engine is at all times secure whereas flushing, we by no means use any harsh chemical compounds or solvents that can strip off the required boundary lubricant layer and expose metallic to metallic.

Designed to throughly clear engine elements
Safe for all varieties of rubber seals
Safe for use at each oil change
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10 Mar

STP Diesel Oil Treatment 300 ml & STP Engine Flush 450 ml

Price: ₹ 1,000.00 - ₹ 800.00
(as of Jun 18,2021 21:39:59 UTC – Details)


For further engine safety

Usage Directions:

One bottle of STP Diesel Oil Treatment for Diesel Engines will deal with 6 litres of diesel oil (5% deal with price). The complete bottle needs to be added to grease when the engine is heat (however not overfilled).

STP Diesel Oil Treatment for Diesel Engines is designed to fortify motor oil with an additional measure of components, offering elevated ranges of detergent/dispersant, viscosity improver, anti-wear and anti-friction brokers.


Scientifically formulated to insulate your engine from the damaging results of damage whereas serving to to guard very important engine parts.

STP ENGINE FLUSH 450 ml: Reduce Engine Wear While Maintaining Fuel Economy
Reduce Harmful Piston Deposits Leading to Ring Sticking
Protect Against Harmful Effect of Rust and Corrosion
Maintain Cleanliness of Critical Turbo Components. Prevent the Negative Effects of Ethanol/Water in Oil that may result in Engine Failure