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08 Mar

The Cleaning Guys Car Body Polish – Hydrophobic Top Coat Teflon Polish & Paint Protector, 440ML

Price: ₹ 829.00 - ₹ 625.00
(as of Jun 20,2021 10:49:18 UTC – Details)

The Cleaning Guys Teflon Polish, is a Paint Protection Coating to reinforce Paint Life, provides as a protecting layer with extra Gloss and Shine. Teflon is a chemical type of artificial fluoropolymer, which is non-sticky and reduces friction on the fabric utilized upon.

It protects your automobile from minor scratches (like from key/ watch) and is extra sturdy than conventional wax or onerous wax.

The coatings will aid you keep a corrosion-free shiny floor for about three months. In addition to that, it prevents paint fading that happens from extended publicity to daylight.

How to Apply:
The first step of the method is to make the automobile-free from filth. Wash the automobile with a The Cleaning guys Premium automobile shampoo, and wipe the floor. This is finished in order that the paint stays freed from mud particles as soon as the coating is utilized.

Take the bottle of The Cleaning Guys Teflon Polish. Take a gentle cotton material or a foam applicator and apply this liquid onto all of the painted areas over the automobile. Leave it to dry for a couple of minutes.

As it dries, use one other piece of dry cotton to therapeutic massage it onto the floor and switch it into one other clear layer, shiny coating. This can take some effort and can go away you a stunning shiny protecting layer in your automobile.
Minor scratch safety: Teflon is a thick clear coat floor that may be very slippery. It protects the automobile’s floor from swirl marks and scratches attributable to mud and cleansing with a unclean material.
Rust Protection: in humid climate the automobile might be extra vulnerable to rusting. Teflon acts as an Anti-Rusting Layer.
Enhances Gloss: Putting a transparent coat Teflon coating on a automobile evens out the unevenness within the painted floor by filling up minor pits and cracks. This enhances the reflective functionality of the paint, giving the automobile a excessive-gloss end that appears like a mirror.